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141: Plutus Nominated Episode – The Why of FI with Jillian Johnsrud

The Plutus Awards are right around the corner and Popcorn Finance was selected as a finalist for two awards.  One of those nominations was for Best Series for the Poppin’ with F.I.R.E. series I did earlier this year.  So today I’m bringing you one of my favorite episodes from that series! 

Episode 3: The Why of F.I.

Jillian from Montana Money Adventures achieved Financial Independence at the age of 32. At an early age Jillian found herself in a difficult home environment.  When she pressed her mother to pack up and move them away she was crushed to hear that they could not afford to live somewhere else.  Her mother was unable to support them alone with her pay.  Jillian vowed to never be trapped in a situation like this again and used this determination to sacrifice, save, and achieve financial independence.


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