About Me

Hi, my name is Chris.  I’m the creator and host of the Popcorn Finance Podcast

After graduating with my degree in Finance and finding that the financial planning industry was not what I though it would be, I struggled to find a way to work in and share my passion.  I got a job as an accountant and have been in the field for several years now, but it’s just not that interesting (I know, hard to believe right)

So I created Popcorn Finance to be my creative outlet and vehicle for sharing my love of personal finance. 


12 African-American Financial Gurus to Follow

Since starting Popcorn Finance I’ve been given some amazing opportunities such as being named one of the 12 African-American Financial Gurus to Follow in 2018 by NerdWallet.com.

Episode 50!

Get to know me and Popcorn Finance in our special 50th episode that released back on March 26th, 2018!

My Favorite Podcast Series

If you’ve never heard the podcast before, here are a few of my favorite series.

My Favorite Resources



Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you’ll stick around and join me for a bag of popcorn!

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