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Episode 042: Life Outside of the Banking System

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Chris Hutchins from Grove and Rob Erich from MoneyNomad.com sat with me at the hood of a VW Bug to discuss their experience going through the FinX program hosted by CFSI.  The FinX program gives participants the opportunity to go out in to the world and experience life from the perspective of someone left outside of the banking system.  


Learn More about CFSI and their FinX program at CFSInnovation.org


Chris Hutchins

Co-Founder and CEO of Grove



Chris Hutchins is an optimizer and an entrepreneur. Chris took his passion for optimizing his money + life and started Grove. Their mission is to make financial planning accessible and affordable for everyone.

Previously Chris co-founded Milk, which was acquired by Google in 2012. He spent most of his time at Google as a Partner at GV where he spent his time investing in early-stage startups.

Chris is also a founder of LaidOffCamp, an organization he started in 2008 after getting laid off. In an effort to help those affected by the financial crisis they hosted dozens of events around the country to help the unemployed learn new skills for the evolving job market.


Rob Erich

Rob's boat photo



Rob recently left his full time job to work exclusively online. No, he’s not rich or famous – he’s just discovered that people will pay him to write. And he gets to do it on his own time, from anywhere in the world.

Although he spends most of his time developing content (blogs and articles) for business websites, he also plays around with a plethora of entrepreneurial ideas on the side. Rob loves experimenting with new business concepts and finding ways to help others make a living doing what excites them. He is a Christian who believes that Jesus came so that we can have life to the full (John 10:10) – and helping others discover this is his #1 goal.

When not reading, talking, or writing about business, Rob enjoys traveling, trying new vegetarian foods, and meeting strangers.

Check out Rob’s new project over at ARicherYou.com where you can win a $500/month paycheck for the next two year!

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