Pop-Up Debate! Gift Cards v. Cash: What Is The Perfect Gift?

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We’ve all been there: It’s the 20th something of December and we haven’t gotten a loved one their gift. This is an especially anxiety inducing situation if that person is ‘particular’ about their tastes. 

If you don’t want to go into the store and risk purchasing something they wouldn’t enjoy or use, this episode is for you!

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What Is A Pop Up Debate?

This is a special episode where I am joined by a guest to debate a weird and fun topic. We each get 1 minute to argue our side and then you the listener get to decide who made the best argument!

Today we’ve brought special guest Bethany Bayles from The Money Millhouse Podcast on our Pop Up Debate to argue which gift is better – gifts cards or cash.

Bethany – Cold Hard Cash

Bethany argues that gifting someone cash is like gifting them freedom, “…As an adult, I find that the more and more that I go through life, having extra cash is so much better. So why not give the gift of freedom to someone?”

If you take a look from this perspective, cash is like a “choose your own adventure” gift – which sounds pursusading for Bethany’s argument.

“…They get to make it what they want to make it. If they want to use it to pay their electricity bill, that might be the best gift you could ever give.”

If you’re looking to help someone out, give them flexibility, or clear their conscious to have some fun they wouldn’t normally partake in due to lack of funding, cash is the best option.

Chris – Swipe That [Gift] Card

Chris took the ‘stage’ and debated that if you’re looking to put more thought into someone’s gift, gift cards are your best bet.

“When someone gives me a gift, I want to know that they thought about me, that they put some consideration into it, because the thought is part of the gift. They meant this to be for me when they could have just pulled an old dollar bill out of their sock that morning and handed it to me.”

The extra effort makes gift cards a more thoughtful option and allows flexibility that cash does in some aspects.

Which one are you? Team cash or team gift card? 

You can let me know over on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Just search for Popcorn Finance or you can send me your response directly via email, at questions@popcornfinance.com.

You can find Bethany Bayless on Instagram @BethanyBayless and over at The Money Millhouse Podcast’s Instagram and Facebook page.

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