Investing 101

Investing 101 is your introduction course into all things investing.  Think of this like taking a finance class, but in bite size pieces.  Each episode in this series is meant to build upon each other in order to teach you the fundamentals of investing.  

My goal is that at the end of this series you will feel more confident when the topic of investing comes up.  Because the more confident you are, the more likely you will be to go out and ask questions and take charge of building your retirement.


Stocks are one of the most well-known investment vehicles, but, also one of the most misunderstood. Learn what a stock is, how it works, and what is your role as a shareholder.


Interested in loaning your money out to a business or corporation? Learn the ins and outs of bonds in today’s episode.

Bonds Extra Credit

Here’s a little extra credit for our Investing 101 Series. We covered Bonds in our last episode, but there were a few things that got left out. Take a moment to listen to this extra credit assignment.

Stock Market Index

Today we discuss what a stock market index is, why it was created, and a few examples of the most popular stock market indices.


“You should diversify your portfolio” We’ve all probably heard this before. But what does this actually mean? Join me today as we discuss what diversification is and why it’s important.