Most Engaged Listener

For the past couple of weeks I have been making it a point to acknowledge & thank the most engaged listener on the Popcorn Finance Anchor Station.

What is the Most Engaged Listener?

To be honest … I’m not quite sure. Anchor can be very secretive about how their system works.  I receive a message from Anchor each morning letting me know the name of my most engaged listener.  From my detailed analysis it appears that the most engaged listener is the person who not only listens but “engages” by applauding & commenting in the discussion section.

Why Do I Acknowledge The Most Engaged Listener?

Because I truly appreciate each & every one of you that are listening. Without your support I wouldn’t be doing this. This list is just a small way for me to express my gratitude to you.  Thank you!!!

The First Official Popcorn Finance Most Engaged Listener

August 31st, 2017 – Sunghwan Park

November 2017

2nd – Ita Ema

6th – Fifi (Wonderfully Made)

7th – Irene (Irenexplores)

13th – Pers (PersB Mental Health)

14th – Emily

15th – Reggie (The Weekend Watcher)

18th – Irene (Irenexplores)

19th – Turn2burn

20th – Pers (PersB Mental Health)

22nd – Irene (Irenexplores)

23rd – Vina

24th – Kass