October 2017 – Most Engaged Listeners

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Month number 2 is down for the count.  October feels like it went by so quickly, but it was still a great month when it came to the Popcorn Finance Most Engaged Listener.  Thank you all so much for listening!!  It is your support that keeps me going.


Here is a full recap of all of our Most Engaged Listeners for the month of October.  Not sure what the Most Engaged Listener is?  Visit our current month’s list to see what this is all about – Popcorn Finance Most Engaged Listener 


October 2017 Full List

1st – Irene (Irenexplores)

2nd – James (Lucky Braxton)

3rd – Tiffany C. Everett

4th – Irene (Irenexplores)

5th – Pastor Ralph (Life and Living)

7th – Aim SiTa

8th – Aynsley G

9th – The Coffee Black Show

10th – PersB Mental Health

11th – PersB Mental Health

12th – Irene (Irenexplores)

13th – Christopher Robins

15th – Lori & Smiley (Insatiable)

16th – Bernadette Henry

18th – Emily

19th – PersB Mental Health

20th – Red Sable


24th – Red Sable

25th – The Weekend Watcher


30th – Pers B Mental Health

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