Episode 001: Evolution of Our Credit System

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes | Google Play Store | Stitcher | Radio Public | Anchor In this episode we will discuss the development of our credit system and what led to the creation of the FICO score.

Debt Week on Anchor.FM

Debt Week on Anchor.FM Here is a segment from our new station on Anchor.FM. This week will be all about Debt and how it affects us financially, mentally, and physically.   Visit our station at Anchor.fm/PopcornFinance

How $27,000 in Debt Controlled My Life

Being in debt was one of the worst periods of my life.  It felt like someone was standing over me every day with a hand out just waiting to take my paycheck.  I woke up thinking about it.  I spent all day worrying about it.  I stayed up all night […]

So … What is Popcorn Finance

There are many sites that do an excellent job of explaining finance topics in great detail, but not many that my short attention span can handle.  My mind tends to drift if I have to read more than a few paragraphs to understand the topic of the article or blog […]