140: How Do I Stay Motivated to Save?

How do I stay motivated to save? Paying off debt can be an emotional journey, so it makes sense that it would be tough to keep that momentum going once your debt is gone.  Today I tackle a question that I received from Tamie on this very topic with some […]

139: Is Debt Consolidation a Scam?

Debt consolidation is one of those topics that makes me nervous. It can be a useful tool, but is also full of traps. Today’s guest Leslie Tayne is here to walk us through some of the pros and cons. PopcornFinance.com/Gazelle Buy certified, pre-owned devices for a fraction of the price!Offering everything […]

134: Saying No to the Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is seen as the universal symbol of love and commitment. But, it is also a huge expense and some, like today’s guest, are opting to skip it all together. Author and speaker Stefanie O’Connell joins me today to discuss why she decided to turn down her engagement […]

131: Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk

Would you rather talk to your parents about sex than their finances? Well 9% of people surveyed said that they would, which is crazy. But why is talking to our parents about money so scary and what can we do to get the conversation started? Author of Mom and Dad, We […]

130: Moving to the Hood to Pay Off $120,000 of Debt

Aja McClanahan joined me from the FinCon floor to discuss how she and her husband made a big decision to move to the hood to cut back their expenses and pay off over $120,000 of debt. Connect with Aja at https://principlesofincrease.com

129: Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

Here is another interview from my time at FinCon. I met up with Episode 030 Guest Nick True on the conference floor.  Nick brought up the topic of why it’s important to distinguish what you really want from the frivolous wants that bring no real satisfaction. Connect with Nick on […]

The 100 Book Reading Challenge

Sarah Wilson, aka Budget Girl, has set a mind blowing goal to read 100 books in 2019. In comparison my 20 book reading challenge is just sad. Over 3 episodes we discuss some of our favorite personal finance books along with some that were just for fun. Pop-Up Debate! – […]

122: The Man without a Credit Score

The credit score. We all strive to have the best one possible. But what is it like to live without a credit score at all? I sat down with Steve Stewart to talk about what life is like without a credit score and to find out where his went. Meet […]

120: Stacks House A Pop-Up with a Purpose

I got the chance to visit Stacks House, a pop-up in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, to speak with co-founder Farnoosh Torabi about why Stacks House was created, the need to empower women financially, and her dive in to stand up comedy.  Pop-Up Debate! In this special episode format […]

119: The Art of Allowance

John Lanza, author of The Art of Allowance, joins me to share some of his best tips and strategies to help your child build a strong relationship with money through an allowance. Meet Today’s Guests John Lanza is the Chief Mammal of The Money Mammals. A pioneer in youth money-smarts, […]

117: Advancing Your Career and Paying Off Debt with Rich Jones

Rich Jones, one half of the Paychecks and Balances team, joins me to share how he got out of debt not by becoming ultra frugal, but by finding the right career, advancing, and using his higher salary to knock out his debt. Rich also shares some amazing career advice that […]

110: Should I Invest if I’m in Debt? ft. Erin Lowry

Erin Lowry from BrokeMillennial.com is back to help us tackle a question that I’m hearing more and more these days; Should I invest if I’m in debt? Pop-Up Debate! In addition to our conversation on investing Erin has agreed to the ultimate challenge, a Pop-Up Debate!  In this special episode […]

PWF 5: Career Freedom Through FI with Paula Pant

Visit PopcornFinance.com/Airbnb to start hosting & receive a $100 cash bonus if you generate $500 in booking value by May 31st. Terms and conditions apply. What’s This Episode About? One day Paula found herself making more money in her side hustle than in her low paying day job. Paula wanted to […]