Podcast Guest

Welcome to Popcorn Finance!!!

Thank you so much for deciding to join me on the Popcorn Finance Podcast!

To help you get ready for our recording session I put together a short list of resources to help you along in the process.

Choose a Time That Works for You

To begin click select an interview time.


Please send a photo or two to Chris@PopcornFinance.com.  These photos will be used in promotional images like the ones below. 

How We Will Record


We will be communicating over Skype for our interview. When you select a time using my scheduling tool you will also be asked to provide your Skype username.

If you do not have a Skype account, don’t worry, they are free and easy to create.

Computer & Microphone

Whenever possible I prefer for guests to use a computer and microphone to record.  This method will give us the highest and most consistent quality.  My goal is to always make you sound as good as possible.

Microphone Options

Here are a couple of options if you have a computer & are looking for a microphone.

This is the mic I’m currently using and it comes with a usb cable & a stand.

Here is a cheaper alternative.  I can’t vouch for its sound quality, but it does come with everything you will need to record – Microphone, usb cable, stand & foam windscreen.

Calling In from Your Phone

If you don’t have a computer and microphone available, you can use a smart phone and the Skype app.  The audio quality on a phone can be inconsistent so here are a few tips to maximize its performance.

  • Connect to a strong WiFi signal
  • Find a quiet place to sit
  • For the best audio quality use a good pair of headphones with a built-in microphone or hold the handset directly to your ear.  Not all headsets are created equally so it can be hard to predict how yours will sound.  Try testing your headset prior to our call using a recording app such as the voice memo app on iOS.

I hope these resources have been helpful & I look forward to talking with you very soon!