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Back To School Series

Welcome to the Popcorn Finance Back to School Series! Over the next five weeks I am going to be joined by the amazing guests below.  Each week we will take a look at college from a different angle.  Check back in each Monday for a new episode!

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9/10/18 – Week 1

Saving for College Using a 529 Plan

Guest: Wayne Weber, GiftofCollege.com

Wayne is the CEO of Gift of College, a gift registry that allows friends and family to contribute towards a 529 Plan or student loan. Together we will discuss what a 529 Plan is, how to open one up and the outlook of college tuition.

Connect with The Gift of College at:

Instagram: @giftofcollege

Twitter: @giftofcollege

Facebook: Gift Of College

9/17/18 – Week 2

How to Find and Win Scholarships

Guest: Pam Andrews, TheScholarshipShark.com

Pam is an expert when it comes to finding and winning scholarships. She is best known for helping her son win over $700,000 in scholarships! Pam shares her best tips to help you get the scholarships you need.

Pam’s Favorite Scholarship Databases

Connect with Pam at:

Instagram: @thescholarshipshark

Twitter: @BiteCollegeDebt

Facebook: Scholarship Shark

9/24/18 – Week 3

Choosing a Budget Friendly Major

Guest: Cody Berman, FlyToFI.com

Cody is a passionate guy who is all about achieving financial independence. One thing is certain, student loans are not going to help you achieve financial freedom.  Cody shares some great examples of how your choice in college and major can determine how long you will be paying for your education.

Connect with Cody at:

Instagram: @FlytoFI

Twitter: @FlytoFI

Facebook: Fly to FI

10/1/18 – Week 4

Student Loans 101

Guest: Robert Farrington, TheCollegeInvestor.com

Robert Farrington is the founder of TheCollegeInvestor.com, a great resource helping millennials get out of student loan debt and start building wealth for their future.  Robert stopped by to help out a special listener by answering his questions about subsidized student loans and interest rates.

Make sure you visit TheCollegeInvestor.com/PopcornFinance for more amazing student loan resources!

Connect with Robert at:

Instagram: @TheCollegeInvestor

Twitter: @CollegeInvestin

Facebook: The College Investor


10/8/18 – Week 5

Is College Right For Everyone?

Guest: Jean Joo & Parker Anderson, CreatorsGroup.com

I met Jean and Parker in Philadelphia after they filmed an amazing video with me for Popcorn Finance (check it out at Instagram.com/PopcornFinancePodcast). Together we have an open and honest conversation about the importance of college, its role in our lives and taking an alternative path.

Connect with Jean at:

Instagram: @Jeani0 & @CreatorsGRP

Connect with Parker at:

Instagram: @ParkerGAnderson


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