076: Tiny House Side Hustle with Cassandra & Gilbert

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This past August I flew out to Phoenix, Arizona to stay in my very first Tiny House. While there I had the opportunity to sit and talk with the owners, Cassandra and Gilbert. Together we discuss tiny house living, Airbnb, and minimalism.

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Meet Cassandra and Gilbert

Cassandra has a background in marketing and customer service, and a Masters in Voice Performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She sings professionally with Arizona Opera and various local groups. She also makes concrete planters for The Nest Gift Shop. Cassandra loves DIY projects, cooking and baking, exploring the outdoors, and being a mom to their two daugters. 

Gilbert is an Army Veteran, enjoys The Economist, home-cooked meals, fine wine, wrestling with his dog, Zala, and being a great dad. He has a Masters in Public Administration from Arizona State University and likes to stay active with international affairs organizations. 

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