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Best selling author and captivating speaker Chris Hogan from Ramsey Solutions joins me on today’s episode.  Together we discuss what his dream retirement looks like, what paying cash for your car means for your life, and a debate over the status of kettle corn.

Meet Chris Hogan

Years ago, Chris was an All-American college football player who pushed future NFL players all over the field—far removed from the world of helping others find Financial Peace.

For Chris, the path from football to where he is today was a long, but meaningful, journey. While he was a vice president of a well-respected company, helping clients manage all phases of their businesses, he realized how so many families, marriages and children were being affected by money issues. He felt powerless as he sat behind his desk and watched his clients throw away their financial futures. Chris knew things needed to change.

That’s when he met Dave Ramsey, and his career found a new direction. Today, he helps spread Dave’s message of financial hope to audiences everywhere. An engaging and humorous speaker, Chris is an expert on subjects like mortgages, healthcare and investing. To promote financial education, he speaks at colleges and businesses, and conducts on-site training sessions at companies. Chris also works with high-profile clients, such as athletes, entertainers and businessmen, to help them develop a financial strategy to protect their wealth and secure their future.

Learn more about Chris Hogan and his new book, Everyday Millionaires, at ChrisHogan360.com!

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Episode Highlights

Popcorn Finance:  On your show, The Chris Hogan Show, you’re all about answering people’s questions and helping them with their retirement.  So I want to know, for you, what is your dream retirement? What does that look like for you?

Chris Hogan:  Oh, I like that. Here’s the deal. I’ve got three boys right now. They are 14, 13, and 11. My dream is that one day I get to be a Granddad. I had incredible grandparents growing up, didn’t have a lot of money, but they spent time with me. You remember sitting on the front porch, sitting on the back porch, taking Sunday drives, right?  They poured into this little Kentucky boy.

So my dream is that one day I get to be that kind of grandparent. That I get to pour into them and spend time. And so that’s what I want to do. I want to be the kind of grandparent that you go, “That’s somebody that made a difference in young people’s lives.”

Popcorn Finance:  How has that changed for you in the position you are in life now as compared to say a decade ago or two decades ago? What do you notice that is different about what you expect or want out of retirement? 

Chris Hogan:  Boy, that’s a great question. I’d say the biggest shift in the last 10, 15 years was earlier in retirement I kept thinking about the things I wanted for me, right? I was me, me, I had a pronoun problem as I call it. Now I’ve transitioned and I’m more excited about the things I get to do for others.

Establishing a scholarship fund in my grandparents’ names, being able to spoil these grand babies one day, being able to take care of my boys and my community, charities I believe in, so I’d say that’s the biggest shift. I’m starting to think bigger and it’s not about me.

Popcorn Finance:  What is one tip that you’d like to leave listeners with to help those that are just getting started planning for retirement?

Chris Hogan:  I would say the first step is I want you to take your 401k or 403b statement and I want you to get with an investment professional, tomorrow. I want you to take it, set up an appointment, go sit down and talk with them. Let them look it over and give you some tips and some guidance. Because I’m going to tell you this, if I have a tooth ache, I’m going to go see a dentist. 

If I’ve got a car problem, I’m going to go see a mechanic. Well, I think a lot of people have a money problem and we need to go see a professional. Somebody that can guide you, right? Because your money is too important to your future.  So get that statement out and go meet up with an investment professional. Let’s get some guidance.


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