083: Never Have I Ever Featuring Bethany Bayless

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Have you ever left your popcorn on the floor in the movie theater or gone out a 4am on Black Friday to shop? Bethany Bayless, co-host of The Money Millhouse podcast, joins me to answer these questions and more in a quick Popcorn Finance version of Never Have I Ever!

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Me and Bethany at FinCon right after wrapping up this episode.

Meet Bethany Bayless

Bethany Bayless co-hosts The Money Millhouse podcast along side Ellie Kay. Bethany is also the Director of Communications for Heroes at Home. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL, and has been a social media coordinator for several organizations including two international groups.

She is a self-professed geek, aspiring home-cook, and globe-trotter (not the basketball kind). In her spare time, Bethany draws and handletters, throws tennis balls for her puppy, London, and quotes movie lines with her family near and far. Find her blog at wanderlust4less.com.

Check out my appearance on The Money Millhouse podcast!

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