087: Kitchen Table Finances + A Black Friday Giveaway!!!

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So much of our life revolves around the kitchen table.  Obviously we eat there (sometimes at least), we sit around it and catch up with family and many of pull up a seat late at night to pay bills.

I only really thought about all the uses for this spot after talking with Liz Eischen from KitchenTableFinances.com,  Liz named her blog after this spot in her home because of all the roles that it plays in our lives.

Today’s episode is just a piece of a big conversation that Liz and I had around a table (It wasn’t a kitchen table unfortunately).  Download this week’s episode and join us at the kitchen table!

Connect with Liz on her blog KitchenTableFinances.com, on Instagram @KitchenTableFinances, and on Twitter @KitTabFin

Black Friday Kindle Giveaway!

Like my fellow retail alumni, I hate Black Friday! I remember dragging myself out of bed at 2am on Friday morning and heading to the mall for work. So because of the trauma that I and so many others have suffered, I will be doing a special giveaway to encourage you all to stay home.

I will be giving away 1 (one) Brand New Amazon Kindle e-reader!!!


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