172: What is a Money Market Account?

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Editor in Chief of Investopedia.com, Caleb Silver, is back to break down Money Market Accounts!

This episode is part of the Investing 101 Series.

Investing 101 is your introduction course into all things investing.  Think of this like taking a finance class, but in bite size pieces.  Each episode in this series is meant to build upon each other in order to teach you the fundamentals of investing.  

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Meet Today's Guest – Caleb Silver

Caleb Silver is the Editor in Chief of Investopedia. He began his career as a documentary producer, but was quickly swept into covering business news for Bloomberg as the dot com bubble was growing. He went to CNN to run its business news coverage and spent 10 years at the network in a variety of executive capacities, including the Executive Producer for CNNMoney, the Director of Business News and a Senior Producer on the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Caleb came to Investopedia in 2016 because he was fascinated with the website, having been a user for more than ten years. He quickly learned just how vast it is, how many people it reaches every day and how critical it is to helping them make sense of the financial world. Investopedia has come a long way as a site in 20 years, but Caleb says its best years are ahead.

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