174: What Should I Do with This Tax Refund?

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I'm a former Analyst, Podcaster, and Producer. My goal is to help you understand your finances better in about the time it takes to make a bag of popcorn!

President & CEO of SaverLife, Leigh Phillips, stops by for a bag of popcorn and to share some tips on what you should do with that tax refund you just got.

Plus there is a chance for you bring in a little extra cash to help you reach your savings goals!

Don't forget to visit saverlife.org for more savings tips and for a chance to win cash just by saving!

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Meet Today's Guest – Leigh Phillips

Leigh Phillips is the President & CEO of SaverLife, a national nonprofit that helps working families achieve prosperity through savings. Since joining in 2015, Leigh has led SaverLife’s transformation from a local direct service organization to a leading financial technology nonprofit. SaverLife’s flagship program, SaverLife.org, now serves over 170,000 clients across all 50 states.

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