Episode 052: Side Hustling with the Financial Panther

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Kevin, creator of FinancialPanther.com, is a lawyer by day, expert side hustler by night.  We sit and discuss his passion for taking on side hustles such as Wag!, Postmates and Airbnb, all while still working his full time job.

Who is the Financial Panther?

Kevin graduated college in May of 2009 – right in the midst of the financial crisis. Naturally, it wasn’t a great time to be finishing school. Finding himself underemployed, he did the thing almost everyone does when they have no clue what to do…he headed off to law school. And like most law students, he ended up taking out a bunch of student loans in order to do it. $87,000 worth to be exact!

Luckily, he was “fortunate” enough to land a job at a big law firm making a great salary. Kevin had plenty of money coming in – more than enough to live a totally normal life as a big shot lawyer. But a normal life meant spending money on stuff that didn’t really matter all that much and seeing much of his paycheck going out the door to pay student loans and other bills. It meant being stuck in a job that he might not really like all that much.

After graduating in May 2013 with $87,000 worth of student loans to his name, he gave himself one goal – to pay that debt off as fast as he could. Kevin started his first real job at the end of 2013 and began seriously repaying his student loans in January of 2014. Kevin made his final student loan payment in June of 2016, just two-and-a-half years after he started my debt payoff journey.

Learn More about Kevin at FinancialPanther.com


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