070: 3 Tips to Help You Start Earning Freelance Income with Pete McPherson

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Pete McPherson from Do You Even Blog joins me to share his 3 Tips to Help You Start Earning Freelance Income.

Pete is amazing at starting new blogs so if you need some help make sure you check out his complete guide on how to start a blog!

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Meet Today’s Guest – Pete McPherson

Pete McPherson writes killer bio paragraphs. But when he’s not doing that, he’s a full-time husband and dad, idealistic entrepreneur, purple cow thinker, blogger, marketer, CPA, data nerd, STAR WARS nerd, web and iOS developer…and really fast typer. He spends his days teaching people how to blog better (doyouevenblog.com), as well as drafting and validating various project ideas.

Find out more about Pete on his blog DoYouEvenBlog.com or on any of the social media platforms below.

Facebook: facebook.com/groups/doyouevenblog

Instagram: instagram.com/bloggerpete

Twitter: twitter.com/doyouevenblog

YouTube: youtube.com/c/doyouevenblog

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