First Ever Episode of Pop-Up Debates!

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Welcome to the first ever episode of Pop-Up Debates!  In this new episode format I will be joined by a guest to debate a specific topic.  We will each have 1 minute to argue our point.  The best part about this new type of episode is that you the listeners will decide who argued their side the best and should be crowned the winner.

Allison Baggerly from is here to help me kick things off.  Today’s topic is …. Keep, Regift, or Return!  Take a listen to the episode and then come back to vote for your favorite.

And don’t worry, you’ll still be getting plenty of the regular popcorn you’ve gotten use to eating.  The normal episodes aren’t going anywhere.  Just think of this as a new flavor… like kettle or caramel corn!

Today’s debate topic popped on to our podcast thanks to Alexis Berger at

Don’t Forget to Check Out Allison’s Appearance on Episode 090!

Meet Allison

Allison Baggerly is a school teacher, wife, mother of two and creator of  She also managed to pay off $111,000 in debt!  After paying off this mountain of debt Allison decided to take her new passion of budgeting and share it using her blog,  She also runs the amazing Instagram account @InspiredBudget.

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    1. Allison was definitely bending the rules LOL! But I’m going to make her stick to her first answer of Keeping the Gift.