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2018 Listener Goals

You know it doesn’t matter where you are in your financial walk.  Whether you’re paying off debt, saving for retirement, or just trying to grow your business, we all have goals.  So join me and friends from the Popcorn Finance community as we share our goals and hold each other accountable in 2018.

Vol. 1 – Paying Off Debt

This episode will be the first in a series highlighting the 2018 financial goals of members of the Popcorn Finance community.  In the first episode we take a look at the 2018 goals centered around paying off debt.

Vol. 2 – Saving

Whether you are saving up so that you can tell your boss you’re never coming back or just to give yourself some more financial security, together we discuss our savings goals for 2018.

Vol. 3 – Buying a Home

The callers in this episode are prepping for what will probably be the biggest purchase of their lives, buying a home.


Vol. 4 – Business Goals

In this episode we are going to be taking a look at some listener goals that are centered around their businesses.  That may mean starting something new, or just trying to make some improvements to what they already have going on.  


Vol. 5 – Credit and Baby Goals

This is the fifth and final volume in this series.  We will tackle a variety of goals from understanding your credit better to having a new baby.