"Where We Discuss Finance in About the Time it Takes to Make a Bag of Popcorn"

Poppin’ with F.I.R.E.

I’ve been fascinated with F.I.R.E. or Financial Independence Retire Early movement for a couple years now. I love how individuals are taking their future in to their own hands and making some drastic changes to live the lives that they truly want.

My hope with this series is that you will get a chance to better understand what this movement is all about and the motivation that pushes these individuals each and everyday.

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Episode 1

The Pillars of F.I.

A look at the foundation of the Financial Independence movement.  Learn what Financial Independence is and what are the biggest areas of your financial life that you can address to start your journey towards F.I.

Episode 2

The Journey to F.I.

The pressures of trying to maintain a work and life balance pushed married couple Julien and Kiersten to pursue Financial Independence.  Through a combination of lifestyle changes and new streams of income, Julien & Kiersten are working towards their dream of financial independence. Julien and Kiersten are now about 2 years away from achieving Financial Independence.

Episode 3

The Why of F.I.

Jillian achieved Financial Independence at the age of 32. At an early age Jillian found herself in a difficult home environment.  When she pressed her mother to pack up and move them away she was crushed to hear that they could not afford to live somewhere else.  Her mother was unable to support them alone with her pay.  Jillian vowed to never be trapped in a situation like this again and used this determination to sacrifice, save, and achieve financial independence.

Episode 4

The Many Paths to F.I.

Financial Independence does not look the same for everyone and can be achieved in many different ways.  In this episode, I will wrap up the series and discuss a few of the many approaches to Financial Independence, some alternatives, and the path I am choosing to take.

Bonus – Episode 5

Career Freedom Through F.I.

Bonus Episode Coming March 4th!

One day Paula found herself making more money in her side hustle than in her low paying day job. Paula wanted to quit to pursue this new path, but she was hesitant due to the instability that comes with entrepreneurship. She gravitated towards real estate investing and her desire for some financial stability lead her down the path to financial independence.

Together we discuss how achieving financial independence doesn’t necessarily mean early retirement, but instead can provide the financial security needed to pursue a career that truly brings you joy.