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Hey, I'm Chris.

I'm a former Analyst, Podcaster, and Producer. My goal is to help you understand your finances better in about the time it takes to make a bag of popcorn!

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I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that sent me their 2018 Financial Goal!

Volume 1 in the 2018 Listener Goals Series is up now!

Click HERE to listen

Hey everyone!

I’m working on a special podcast for the new year. In it I want to feature listeners and one financial goal you have for 2018.

What to include:

  • Name
  • Location (you can be broad – State only if you like)
  • 2018 Money Goal
  • Your Why


“Hi my name is Chris from Southern California and my financial goal for 2018 is to build my emergency savings fund so that I can have more financial security” – or – “… my 2018 money goal is to pay off all of my debt so that I can start saving for retirement.”

It doesn’t matter what your money goal is as long as it is important to you.

I would like these responses to be under 30 seconds.

How to submit you message

Thanks for your help and looking forward to hearing your goals!

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