September 2017 – Most Engaged Listeners

Hey, I'm Chris.

I'm a former Analyst, Podcaster, and Producer. My goal is to help you understand your finances better in about the time it takes to make a bag of popcorn!

Month number 1 is in the books.  September was the first official full month of recognizing the Popcorn Finance Most Engaged Listener.  I had a lot of fun putting this together & acknowledging all of you that have been listening to the show.  Thank you all so much!!!  


Here is a recap of the entire month of September.  I wanted show a little extra love to those who were named Most Engaged Listener multiple times this past month.  

September 2017 AllStars

Mack Hackett – 5 Time Most Engaged Listener

-I challenged Mack to be the Most Engaged Listener 3 days in a row & he crushed it by hitting 4 consecutive days. Mack will receive a special episode for this amazing feat.

Christopher Robins – 2 Time Most Engaged Listener

-Christopher is a long time listener that is always good for a great question or comment.  You can hear Christopher on Episode 9 of the podcast all about the business of marijuana.

Irene (Irenexplores) – 2 Time Most Engaged Listener

-I am living my international life through Irene in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.  I have never left the United States so I rely on the beautiful pictures & videos that Irene puts out.  Irene is also another long time listener.

Fifi (Wonderfully Made) – 2 Time Most Engaged Listener

-Fifi is one of my newer listeners, but it feels like she has been a listening since the beginning.  Not only does she ask engaging questions, she is also one of out most consistent listeners.


September 2017 Full List

1 – Alfred Acosta (Living 4 Him Podcast)

2 – Mala (Mala’s Mirror)

3 – Shakeelah

4 – Mack Hackett

5 – Mack Hackett

6 – Mack Hackett

7 – Mack Hackett

8 – Christopher Robins

9 – Mack Hackett

10 – {No Show}

11 – Malachi Worley

12 – Rex Barrett (The Maven Show)

13 – LuzGabriela

14 – {No Show}

15 – Drew Peneton

16 – Tiffany C. Everett

17 – {No Show}

18 – Irene (Irenexplores)

19 – Fifi (Wonderfully Made)

20 – Adam Tubaro

21 – Bytesize Radio

22 – Nice (Whatchyawant?!)

23 – Adrian Cantelmi

24 – {No Show}

25 – Irene (Irenexplores)

26 – Christopher Robins

27 – Joe (Sales Culture)

28 – {No Show}

29 – {No Show}

30 – Fifi (Wonderfully Made)

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