How you can support the show?

I’ve received a few questions from listeners wondering how they could help support the podcast continue to exist & continue to grow.

Top 3 Ways to Show Support

#1 – Subscribe to the Podcast

Subscribing & listening to the podcast is always the number on way to show your support.  Seeing the podcast grow keeps me motivated and energized to keep producing content for you all.

Subscribe Here

#2 – Shop at Amazon

I love this option because it doesn’t cost you anything!  If you use the link below it will let Amazon know that I sent you and they will send a small percentage back to me at no cost to you!

I love this option because, if you’re like me, you were probably going to be shopping at Amazon anyway.  So now you can feel even better knowing that your shopping trip is helping support the podcast!

#3 – Leave a Review

Telling someone else that you enjoy the show and that they should listen is better that any advertising that I could ever do.  So if you visit iTunes or the Apple Podcast App and leave a review it will help the show climb the charts & continue to grow.