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161: Facing Your Financial Fears

Allison Baggerly of Inspired Budget has joined Popcorn Finance to discuss separating facts and feelings on your journey to financial independence.

Allison and her husband paid off a total of $111,108 on two teachers’ salaries in four and a half years. Now she has built an online empire, helping others to do the same.

One thing that Allison is adamant about is that you will hit emergencies, mess-ups, set-backs, and general life chaos on a debt free journey.

2018 Listener Goals: Vol. 1

Listen & Subscribe iTunes | Google Play Store | Stitcher | Spotify | Radio Public | Anchor   Happy New Year! I asked you for your 2018 financial goals and you came through! This episode will be the first in a series highlighting the 2018 financial goals of members of the Popcorn Finance community. 2018 Goals […]