The 100 Book Reading Challenge

Hey, I'm Chris.

I'm a former Analyst, Podcaster, and Producer. My goal is to help you understand your finances better in about the time it takes to make a bag of popcorn!

Sarah Wilson, aka Budget Girl, has set a mind blowing goal to read 100 books in 2019. In comparison my 20 book reading challenge is just sad. Over 3 episodes we discuss some of our favorite personal finance books along with some that were just for fun.

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Pop-Up Debate! – Ebooks vs Physical Books!

In this special episode format we will each have 1 minute to argue our point.  Our topic… What is the superior format, Ebooks or Physical Books?!

Meet Today’s Guest – Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson, aka Budget Girl, is a YouTuber, debt-destroyer, side-hustler, speaker and financial wellness advocate. She makes videos on how to live a frugal, fun and financially fearless life, showcasing budget activities, DIYs, how to invest, build wealth, raise your income, and live your best life with the aid of a budget.

She documented her successes and challenges paying off $33,000 of student loans in just 3 years on a tiny reporter’s salary of $26,000 / year by side-hustled, negotiating for better pay and positions and working to drastically change her financial future. Now she teaches others how to manage their money, pay off debt and live the life of their dreams on less.

Connect with Sarah

Connect with Sarah on her amazing Youtube Channel –

Instagram @GoBudgetGirl

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